Welcome to the court services website for Dallas County Court-at-Law 3.  Use the menu above to review court procedures, and our staff.  I hope this website will assist you in your business before my court.                                

NOTICE: My lead clerk Brandon Pettigrew received a wonderful promotion to another department in Dallas County in September, 2021. My second clerk Brianna Brown has been promoted to serve as lead clerk in another court, but is still available to help. If she cannot help you to your satisfaction, ask to speak to the Court Coordinator Leslie Richardson.

FLOOD UPDATE: I am pleased to report that as the only Courtroom flooded due to broken pipes from the infamous “February 2, 2021 Storm”, my courtroom was recarpeted thanks to the intervention of County Judge Jenkins on January 11, 2022. The courtroom has been repainted and the walls and benches restained. Currently waiting on the replacement of broken courtroom benches and to have the offices repainted and furniture updated that was damage in prior floods (three others to be exact). Computers are now back and partially functional as of the end of December 2021 and the printer has been replaced again.

My last speaking engagement was January 20, 2022 for the Texas Association of Mediators – North Texas Region – DFW as a member of the Dallas County Court-at-Law Judicial Panel, “Mediation in Civil Cases”.

My fifth and last speaking engagement on debt collection was as a part of the University of Texas Law School's judicial panel for their Collection Law Seminar in Austin, Texas on September 1 - 2, 2011.  My next speaking engagement and seminar on debt collection will be held jointly with the Texas State Bar Association's Collection Law Section, Mark Stout, Chairman on September 5, 2013.     

Many of the same speakers as appeared on September 1, 2011 for my last Collection Law Seminar  provided at the Dallas Bar Association Headquarters will speak again on September 5, 2013.  Some of the topics to be covered will include the following:  1.  Update on Collection Law Opinions by Julia Pendery, 2. Default Judgment, Business Record Affidavits, and Attorney Fee Affidavit Requirements by Judge Sally Montgomery, 3. Foreclosure by Neal Prevost,  3. Pre and Post Judgment Garnishments: In State and Out-of-State by Jennifer Calhoun and Gary Hach, 4. Sequestrations by Mark Stout of Padfield and Stout, LLP and Sharon Campbell, 5. Arbitration Awards by Rick Faulkner, 6. Turnovers and Receiverships by Michael Bernstein, 7. Debt Settlement by Kervyn Altaffer with comments from Stewart Ranson Miller, 8.  Comments on Mediation by Stephen Enda, 9. FDCPA and Legislative Updates with Ethical Considerations by Worth Walker,  11. Exempt Property and Executing on Judgments by Andy Korn, as well as 12. a topic on Using the Internet to Locate Assets by LEXIS - Gerald Fly, 13. Summary Judgment Presentation by Jay Brandt, 14. Discovery by Worthy Walker and Gary Armstrong, and .  Many of the papers presented are still available. If you would like a copy, please call my Court Coordinator, Stefanie Evans. 

Judges on our panels have included the following:  Judge Craig Smith, Judge Carl Ginsburg, Judge Martin Hoffman, Justice of the Peace Gerry Cooper, Judge James Stanton and Associate District Judge Sheryl McFarlin.







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